Anahata means "un-struck" in Sanskrit, referring to the ancient and mystical sound that is primordial to all of creation. Anahata is also known as the divine energy center of the sacred heart.


Our intention is simple. It is imperative that our number one goal remains in bringing you the heart-centered videography experience. We strive to provide ease, transparency and comfort, making this a pleasant experience for all. We specialize in capturing raw feeling and unique angles, providing footage that encourages one to see the world in a new way.


We have not said no to a single project.

Weddings - Retreats - Commercials

Yoga - Workshops - Events

Birthday & Retirement Parties

Graduations - Births

+ More


Anahata Productions was founded in 2016.

At the time, Founder Adam Boettger, was working for Coldwell Banker and as an assistant for one of their top local real estate agents.


It all began in a basement in a small town where Rachele would share her real estate knowledge while Adam would film her and then edit the captured footage. Adam quickly realized his sharp eye and affinity for aesthetic design. He began to fall in awe with his newly discovered creative process and was drawn to not only explore it, but express it more and more. Thus began his deep love affair with videography and the visual arts.


In the heart of his yoga teacher training, Adam recognized his thirst for a life of the dreamer. He saw his deep desire to create a life of abundance through self-sustainability and self-employment. Adam then left both his jobs to fully pursue a career in the world of videography and it was not long after that Anahata Productions was birthed into creation.

Adam began working on independent film projects with local charities, businesses and organizations but the Anahata spark grew global.


Within a year and a half of its initial opening, Adam reached international status in his work when hired to film in Greece. Since then, Adam has been blessed to travel all around the world sharing the magic that is Anahata. Adam has also collaborated with international organization, Kula Collective and TED-Talk musical shaman, Dixon's Violin. He has worked in France, Guatemala, Peru as well all over the United States.

In 2019, we expanded our brand and vision, welcoming more visual artists to the Anahata team. We are a company that stays true to the heart and stand by our original message in 

bringing you the heart-centered videography experience. 



Adam Boettger

Founder of Anahata Productions

Adam is an international videographer who has worked with multiple organizations around the world. He wrote the auto-biographical novel, I Love: A Story of Consciousness, becoming a published author at the age of 22. Since then he has created two successful businesses, both focused on heart-centered offerings. Adam is a certified yoga teacher as well as a student of yogic philosophy, therapeutic movement and the internal arts. When not filming, Adam shares the gift and expression that is yoga, leading transformative soul expeditions around the world. Learn more about this here.

© 2018  created by Adam Boettger



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