Adam from Anahata Productions was everything that we wanted and more in our wedding videographer. They went above and beyond to make us a truly remarkable wedding video that we will have for the rest of our lives. They put so much thought and effort into every aspect and was incredibly timely with his work. We would recommend them in a heartbeat to anyone looking for the perfect person to capture their special event. Thank you for all of your hard work. We are grateful to have had you with us on our wedding day.

❤  Alyssa Q

We had been tossing around the idea of whether or not we wanted to spend the extra money on a videographer. I am so glad we did, because Adam was amazing. Often we can be a rowdy bunch and it takes a certain kind of person to be able to roll with the punches. We received a short preview clip the next day following our wedding, and it was nothing short of amazing. I would recommend to every couple getting married to have a videographer at your wedding. If your so lucky to have Adam, I promise you will not be disappointed. 

❤  Claudia K

Adam did such an amazing job. When I first started looking, I was not sure what I wanted or what to spend. After only a few moments of talking with Adam, he had the prefect package for us AND was still within our budget. I have heard several people say videography is a waste of money. I disagree with that statement. I am so so very thankful I hired Adam and we are 3000% Satisfied!! Adam got some amazing shots, that I didn't even know he was there for. You will not be disappointed with his work. Videography of your wedding is worth every penny when Adam is behind the camera. Pictures are beautiful to display, but videography captures the emotion, movements and sounds of your special day.

  Kory M

Adam was phenomenal. I would recommend him a million times over and over again! His work was beautiful... I'm still in awe! Thank you so much! 

❤  Jessica S

Adam brought an incredible presence as our videographer for our Greek Island Yoga Retreat. He is bright, enthusiastic, fun-loving, and compassionate, and made everyone in the retreat group feel comfortable and at ease. He created a retreat video for our guests that perfectly captured the heart and spirit of our time together. Adam brings both playful creativity and a sharp aesthetic eye to his work. It was a joy to work with him and I hope to bring him on for my next retreat as well.

  Jessica R

I highly recommend Anahata Productions. I contacted them short notice and they made sure I got the wedding of my dreams on video! Adam was very polite and professional. We couldn’t be more thankful for him, and his service!

  Codi A

I truly could not be happier working with Adam. He does absolutely breathtaking work and he captured exactly what I had in mind for my project. He is very prompt,  extremely good at communicating and makes sure you are happy with his work. During filming, we hardly realized he was there. He blended in as he did his job and it was so easy to act naturally. If you have an event that you want filmed, I highly recommend Anahata Productions!

  Liana T

Where do I begin? Adam was the perfect human to capture our wedding day! We decided to add a videographer pretty last minute and Adam swooped in to save the day. He was super fun to work with and his personality meshed super well with ours, as well as our photographers. He was flexible in creating a package that fit our needs. By the end of the night, he felt like one of our family members at the wedding. We highly recommend hiring Adam for your videographer needs, you won't be disappointed. Thank you Adam - you're a sweetheart!

  Chelsea V

Adam is very efficient and stealthy with his video production! I had a yin yoga and sound healing event that I needed to film. Adam knew exactly what I wanted to capture and he did so in a minimally disruptive manner so this allowed the class to remain feeling natural. I recommend Adam because he really has a great sense of style, design and production work. I know several friends and teachers that have also had work done by Adam and they all consistently appraise the quality of Anahata Productions!

  Brendan C

Not only does Adam posses marvelous videography and editing skills, he is an absolute JOY to work with! Thank you for shooting and producing what I am sure is the first of many videos for us.

  Jim G

Adam is a phenomenal human being and an excellent videographer. He has done several videos for SoulShine Yoga studio, and we couldn't have asked for more beautiful results. Adam puts his heart and soul and so much creative genius into each of his projects, it's almost impossible for the viewer not to be drawn right inside. I would recommend Adam to anyone needing videography services.

  Erin W

The service that Adam provided for my wife and I was fantastic! He brought all of his equipment with him and made it to where he was not in the way of any other vendors and worked cohesively with others as well. His video was clear and of great quality and he provided my wife and I with the end results quicker than we both expected! I would recommend Adam to any couple looking for wedding video services if they want a talented, pleasant, and passionate videographer.

  Michael S

Adam makes the nerve racking process of being recorded fun. He is professional, while putting you at ease. Thanks, Adam!

  Taylor S

Where do I even begin? Adam is as real as they come. He will capture what his heart sees through the lens. His spirit is aligned to bring out the pure truth as he sees it. On top of that, he is super responsive to suggestions and absolutely willing to modify until the product is exactly what you are looking for. I have used Adam for photography, videography and a multitude of other Media Services. I cannot say enough good things about his work ethic, willingness, and tenacity!  Highly, highly recommend.

  Rachele E

Anahata Productions does phenomenal work for Coldwell Banker Town & Country Real Estate! They work with Realtors on their profile videos and have created some awesome commercials featuring the company. Everyone loves working with them!

  Jessica C

I love Adam’s creations. He has done photography and videography for my non-profit organization. The video he put together for my workshops is amazing. It captures the beauty of the class and the video features are magical, drawing a smile on the viewer's face. Adam’s wholehearted and non-judgmental nature made me feel comfortable and confident when I spoke about my essential oil business and teaching yoga. His work continues to grow and improve. I highly recommend Adam and I look forward to working with him again in the future.

  Amanda J

Adam is incredibly dedicated to the authenticity of his work. He did a phenomenal job creating a video that beautifully encapsulated the essence of a weekend-long workshop intensive that I facilitated. The product was exactly what I envisioned, and he made it real through his unique creative process.

  Kaity S

I was very pleased with the videos Adam made for Everfit Aerial Yoga studio. One was a commercial and it was a challenge to get all we wanted into such a short feature but Adam took on the challenge. He was professional, creative, and quick with his turnaround. Adam's respectful collaboration through this process made it such a joy to work with him. He captured the energy and message within.

  Beth R

He has a keen eye for capturing beauty. Adam is extremely personable and a pleasure to work with! You will not be disappointed In Anahata Productions.

  Cuba L

I really appreciate Adam's professionalism and ability to connect with me when we work together. He has a nice way of cutting through the bullshit and getting straight to what is important for the video shoot. During a videography session, Adam is a lot of fun to work with and makes you feel very comfortable. Then afterwards, his magic and artistic flair take over, leaving you amazed with the outcome of the work. I love this guy and recommend him to anybody looking to promote their business or record special moments in their life. Adam is a true good-hearted soul.

  Nathan C

We hired Adam to come to Greece and film our Yoga and Sacred Music retreat on the island of Lesvos. He did an excellent job and was very professional about everything, from the planning stages to the finished product. His work is filled with talent, dedication, and passion, and I would highly recommend him to anyone. I look forward to working with him again in the future.

  Jeremy A

Adam is a gifted listener and storyteller, he is able to take what feels like a bunch of random clips and edit them to convey message that is clear and authentic.

  Eric E

Adam is the most genuine person that I have ever met. He is professional, personable and an artist with his videography. He captures a moment's essence and creates a beautiful lifetime memory. I highly recommend this company.

  Sandie K

Adam works tirelessly to accurately reproduce an extensive event in a short movie clip. I would not hesitate to hire him for any filming, editing or any other facets of movie creation there may be.

  Lisa K

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